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Message from our Director of Missions

Jana and I thank our association for its prayerful support and understanding as we visited the Holy Land 2/24-3/5. No MSBA funds were used to finance this trip; a mystery person paid our air and lodging, and we paid for tours and meals. I promised in previous columns a report on our trip. Here goes. We rendezvoused in Newark NJ as 30 people from across the US met for the first time before flying to Israel. All were recipients of this generous benefactor who was the unifying element. I’ve never seen “strangers” mesh so quickly, a remarkable assemblage of expertise in business, education, military, politics, and ministry. Our benefactor’s aim was to increase our individual prayer support for

Message From our Director of Missions: February 2016

In past columns I have written about a Paul/Timothy relationship. I am deeply committed to this biblically-based mandate to win the world to Christ in a manner that is Christ-commanded and in a way anyone can do. I may not be able to lead a multinational corporation or head up anything on a national scale, but I can invest my life in others to the point of making disciple-makers, to “teach others to teach others to teach others” (Mt. 28.18-20, 2 Tim. 2.2). We are to be faithful to share God’s Word with all those with whom we come in contact. In the midst of teaching all come serendipitous moments which can take your breath away. Jana and I will soon experience the rewards of such a moment. I

Message From our Director of Missions: January 2016

The spring MSBA calendar has had/will have numerous training opportunities: 1. Pastors/Wives Retreat---1/29-30, Pipestem 2. Annual MSBA Men's Breakfast---Sat., 2/6, 8am, Lilly Grove BC 3. Pastors Fellowship---Monday, 2/8, 11am-1pm, FBC Hinton 4. Deacon Training---2/10 (Wed.) two sessions (same material each session), MSBA conference room. Day session will be 11-1, lunch provided. Eve. session 6-8pm. 5. Disaster Relief Training---Sat., 3/19, 9am-1pm, MSBA conference room; basic Yellow Hat certification; lunch provided. 6. VBS Training---VBS Directors only, 2/22. ; all VBS workers, 3/21. Both @IBC, both Mon. @ 7pm. 7. Marriage Enrichment Retreat---sponsored by MSBA Family

Message From our Director of Missions: November 2015

When you listen to investment commercials, or talk to your financial advisor, the disclaimer always surfaces: “past results are not sure indicators of future results” or some derivation thereof. After the annual MSBA meeting Jana and I flew to Texas for a short visit to check up on her 90 yr. old mother in her DFW retirement center. She has recovered nicely from a broken femur earlier this year; Jana had spent many days with her in the rehab phase. While there I rolled my ankle at our son’s house on a curb and thought I might have broken or sprained it. I flew home the next day and knew it was getting worse. The next day I drove to the state convention (which was night and day from recent o

A Message From our Director of Missions: October 2015

Remember this from HS lit. class? “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”(Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities) A week’s circumstances can be an emotional roller coaster. This past week: 1) our annual meeting (10/20) had 103 attendees, a large increase over last year. We had great spirit, outstanding speakers, a majority of MSBA pastors in attendance, and were encouraged by what we heard and experienced; 2) however, I am writing on 10/26 and yesterday was the last service for Sun Valley Baptist Church. They voted to end the 15 yr. church plant between Athens and Lerona and asked me to lead worship and preach the final sermon. Please pray for the members to reintegrate soon into our s

Message From our Director of Missions: September 2015

SIMPLE WAY TO PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE I use several devotional books in my quiet time and of course one of them is the classic, My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. One of the best lines is the opening one for Sept. 6: “A river reaches places which its source never knows.” The Word mandates that we make disciples of all nations (Mt. 28.19-20). Preaching for decisions is rewarding when you see someone actually give their heart to Christ, and we should all rightfully rejoice when that happens and the subsequent baptism occurs. Teaching and investing in the life of a Christ follower, however, is often tedious and drawn out over years, and when the person transfers, moves, or joins othe

Message From our Director of Missions: August 2015

PROCLAIMING CHRIST ACROSS THE CULTURES A challenging task for the body of Christ is to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord in a cultural context other than “our own.” Many Christians assume their home environment is the best or only way to express their faith because it is familiar or comfortable, and are not sure when in strange environs if their discomfort is simply because it’s “different” or because they are among heretics! Our worship, preaching, discipleship, walk with the Lord are all culturally conditioned to a degree; our interpretation of God’s Word often springs from cultural bias born of a love of a certain country, a local lore, family practices, or fear of the unknown rather than sol

Message From our Director of Missions: July 2015

A book that finds its way into my backpack for repeated readings is Leadership is an Art by Max DePree. He has quite a knack for reducing large thoughts down to succinct but profound phrases. When asked what one of the most difficult tasks of a leader was, he simply said, “the interception of entropy,” a phrase I quote often. “Interception of entropy” has strong biblical basis and many applications for our MSBA churches. Entropy is a technical term used in thermodynamics, communications, and astrophysics, but it is the same basic concept: that everything in the universe (if left alone) moves toward inaction and degenerates, dissolves, or dies. This applies to everything from subatomic partic

Message From our Director of Missions: June 2015

Discipleship has always been an emphasis of my ministry, and I often say we would greatly strengthen the Kingdom work of our church families if everyone had a Paul (a spiritual mentor), everyone had a Barnabas (a spiritual companion in the pilgrimage), and everyone had a Timothy (a spiritual charge, 2 Tim 2.2). This past weekend in TX was both a privilege and example of a discipling relationship. Pictured with me above is Steve Alberts, a phenomenal youth minister who came to me while in college with many questions, open ears, desire to learn, and a heart to serve Christ. He passed me up long ago in effectiveness (3 John 4) . It has been my honor to preside at his wedding, officiate the f

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