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My Corner of the Kingdom—September 2019 The last six months Jana and I have wandered from doctor’s office to tests to new meds and surgery for various ailments. We often joke we have forgotten what “normal” felt like. Today (8/26/19) we took another jaunt to a Wake Forest Baptist Health endocrinologist to explore the “why’s” behind my thyroid fluctuations. Multiple blood tests have meant sticks from the phlebotomist with no incidence. Today she apparently grazed a nerve because my whole arm went bonkers for several hours. On the way back we stopped at the foot of the Fancy Gap incline (Loves/McD’s) to take a break. A string of bikers and a hearse were about to depart for some ceremony, so I

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We often call our pastors “shepherds of their flocks.” That means they are constant sentinels, always alert for potential danger lurking in the shadows, waiting for a prime opportunity to snatch sheep. Staying at a high level of alertness is not sustainable on an endless basis; the adrenaline stream has to periodically shut off for periods of replenishment. However, most of our pastors are bi-vocational, meaning they work hard at a “day job,” come home to address family matters as head of the household, and bear the responsibility of speaking on behalf of the Lord to his parishioners several times weekly. If you think the “full time” pastors have it easier, ask them about the constant drain

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