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Negligence is a virtue, its mastery a worthy endeavor. Most of us use this term in a negative sense, such as, “oops, I’ve let the mileage roll on without an oil change”, “when did I power-wash the back deck last?”, or discover a beloved tool out in the rain in permanent disrepair, totally rusted, and useless. It may be hard to believe, but we are commanded frequently in Scripture to practice negligence. Pharisees are chided for choosing to obey smaller laws while major principles of justice, mercy, and love for God go by the wayside (Mt. 23.23; Lk. 11.42), a principle repeated in various forms in Prov. 8.33, 15.32, Heb. 13.16, and most notably in Acts 6.2 where the new church leaders of a ne

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