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SBC 2016 Report

Note: I am deeply committed to being a good steward of the monies entrusted to our associational office by our MSBA churches for its work. It is a sacred duty to use these monies wisely. The churches have a right to ask if they are benefitting from my activities, travels, and efforts on their behalf. Therefore I am sharing this report in this format since I cannot travel to each church to give it. As always if there is any question or insight you need to share concerning the SBC or anything else, I am always willing to entertain and answer them. The 2016 SBC was June 13-15 in St. Louis, MO, and generated much enthusiasm despite record temperatures in the high 90’s. Over 7,000 were in attenda

Message from our Director of Missions

The annual Southern Baptist Convention and Pastors Conference were June 13-15 at St. Louis. Overall it was a good, spirited meeting. This month we continue “summer reruns,” reviews of core concepts in my ministry and what influenced them. As a Baptist I rarely say ‘anointed,’ but it fits Robert Coleman’s small masterpiece, The Master Plan of Evangelism. It is, in my opinion, the finest book ever written on what the main task is for individual Christ followers and for the church. Our main task is to reproduce the life of Christ in everyone we meet; if they are without Christ, it is evangelism; if they are believers, it is discipleship. Either way, we reproduce the life of Christ in them to ma

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