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Holiness and Salvation are NOT the same...

Salvation is a gift of God to all who call upon His name and confess Him as Lord (Rom. 10.9-13). We just celebrated what many call Resurrection Sunday (Easter) when we proclaimed anew the crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus. A person who receives Jesus receives eternal life. (Jn. 1.12, 3.36, 5.24 , 6.40, 17.3). It is a new birth, and at that moment I became a full heir of the Kingdom (Titus 3.7; Gal. 4.7). Our salvation is secure and complete, (Eph. 1.13) and for that I say, praise God. There is a saying among preachers that I was saved, I am being saved, and I will be saved. They are not saying I get salvation by the installment plan and it is a partial salvation

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