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Our Corner of the Kingdom

Our Corner of The Kingdom

In early February Jana and I flew to Lake Charles, LA on a mission we long knew was inevitable but hard to make regardless. The passing of a parent is a rite of passage for millions of people, but that doesn’t make it any easier when it is your turn. Officiating at two funerals for Dad (FBC Princeton and home) was a difficult ministry opportunity yet I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Here are some recent journal entries since that journey back to my roots in SW Louisiana. Our adult boys were there and wanted to see the old haunts of my younger years. As we drove around town the phrase “no longer there” kept recurring to me. My grandmother’s home out on Prien Lake in the old pecan groves, the

Our Corner of the Kingdom

How do I “know” something is true? We pretend that word (by invoking it) settles all claims to the contrary. (“I just ‘know’ that X thing is true”) How did I arrive at that level of confidence? Epistemology is the formal term for theories of knowledge, what helps us distinguish opinion from belief. At first we think of our senses, our logic, our memories, or our trusted sources as that which “reliably” feed us facts, impressions, or results. Most of us think we have a firm grasp on certain truths, and we tend to double down when anyone challenges those personally held beliefs. Those beliefs form the tenets of our faith, the foundations of our worldview, or the basis of making important deci

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