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Them. That group. “Them.” They don’t pull their weight. They are no good. Someone should do something about “them.” This will be an uncomfortable column to write and equally uncomfortable to read. Objectification, Vilification, Annihilation is a documented pattern of dealing with those “other” than “us.” Objectification consists of making people faceless, less than human, individuals melting into an entity without distinguishing characteristics except an overwhelming one “we” find annoying, then repugnant , then offensive. Once

Merits and Limitations of Democratization

Before you hit the snooze button on this column’s title, or think Allan reads way too much, please permit me three minutes of your life to examine how that title affects you and your church. Democratization is a fairly new word with little usage until the mid 1900’s. To a large degree access to information drives the process of democratization; when increasingly larger numbers of people have access to information apart from their “official” channels, societal and political upheavals usually follow. Think about the close overlap of the printing press and the Reformation as the Bible is translated into the vernacular of European peoples; the church and governments underwent enormous change wh

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